My hunter gatherer instinct…..Paleo is my thing!

Gee’s I take some cheezy photo’s sometimes I know I know!!! …..but hey for good reason cos I’ve had a lot of very positive health changes on a “mostly” Paleo diet since my cancer diagnosis. I could bore you all with a long list of complaints I’ve had, but it’s my bet that if most people tried a Primal/Paleo/Hunter Gather diet for a couple of weeks, and really gave it a fair shot, they’d probably be shocked with how much their current wheat & grain filled diet is really dragging them down.

After reading Primal Body–Primal Mind, by Nora Gedgaudas, who I saw speaking at the Paleo Way Tour recently – we must give up not just gluten but all grains entirely. This may have your friends and relatives rolling their eyes at the dinner table, but, as the book explains, we’re simply not physiologically equipped to handle the modern grains any more.

Although our farming ancestors rendered grains more digestible through sprouting, fermenting, proper storage and not tinkering with it genetically, Primal Body – Primal Mind explains that health is declining at an alarming rate in this country. A fantastic read and one that really resonates with me

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