Eating Broccoli sprouts for CANCER

These humble young sprouts look a lot like alfalfa and taste peppery (like radishes) and pack a powerful CANCER prevention punch.

And heck they are just too easy to grow, even in winter when our greens can be expensive to buy. Sprouts are a real simple way to add more greens into our daily diet.

Broccoli sprouts have a natural CANCER fighting compound and are gaining increasing attention, since according to the National Cancer Institute, at least 35% of cancer deaths are connected to diet.

And while you’ve already heard that broccoli is one of the most powerful natural cancer-fighting super foods available, numerous studies have confirmed that broccoli sprouts offer even more intense benefits than the mature plant.

You can easily grow broccoli sprouts at home, if you wish. Many health food shops and co-ops carry broccoli seeds, and all you need to do is soak the seeds overnight, keeping them moist and rinsing them once a day.

By day 3, the seeds will sprout. In 3 more days, the sprouts will attain their maximum carcinogen detoxifying properties.

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June 18, 2017
June 18, 2017

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