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THE NATURAL BIRD - Cancer Support Programme

Have you been diagnosed with cancer and are feeling so worried and don’t know where to start?

I know exactly how that feels, it’s such an overwhelming headspace and sometimes a really lonely place to be. What is the right thing to do when there is so much conflicting information out there? I felt totally overwhelmed and filled with fear from the medical profession about all those decisions, and can relate to how you are feeling. I was diagnosed with a Stage 3 Aggressive colon cancer which had spread to my small intestine, my ovary and stomach muscle. I made it my mission to find out what could support my healing process and which treatments sat right for me. Be assured that there are plenty of Integrative treatments options out there that may help SUPPORT you through your journey.

If you havn’t decided which path to choose yet, l can help you navigate your way to wellness, one step at a time and give you clarity on your journey.


Coaching is ultimately about getting support. I can help you gain clarity about what this cancer means and help you shift from that feeling of being overwhelmed, to moving towards an extraordinary life. We focus on the adjustment it takes to living your “new normal” life, managing all the changes and losses related to cancer.


Here we look at all the healing treatment options that may be available to you including cancer fighting foods and resources about dietary strategies against cancer, including cancer diet options. I will give you information, friendly advice, encouragement, ideas and most important: a caring supportive environment. No judgements at all.

Sessions Include:


When we look at your current health from a holistic perspective we will investigate other areas: what are your stressors, personal goals, relationships, emotional health, movement, spiritual connection, and much, much more. Each of these represent a part of us as a person, and if one or more are out of balance they can effect our health and wellbeing.

FREE 15 minute Phone Consultation

Initial health history consultation, nutrition and lifestyle assessment – (90 minutes) $90

Fortnightly 60 Minute sessions for 3 months – this provides you with comprehensive coaching and support during your initial transition phase. ($150 per month)

From there we reassess then meet once a month for 3 months for 60 minutes of coaching, ongoing support and steady introduction of new elements of your support program.


Consultations available one-on-one, via Skype or Phone Consultation.

Justine Laidlaw provides information. Any info as a Cancer Coach does not constitute medical advice. Consultations are for education purposes. Specific medical advice will not be provided. Consults are necessary with a qualified physician for diagnosis and treatment recommendations.