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Support Programme – Cancer Patients



Moving YOU from FEAR to HOPE

When I was diagnosed, I learned quickly just how overwhelming and frightening it was to be thrust into a situation with so many unknowns.

I realised that there was no single source, no real “starting point” for someone to learn to treat and heal themselves from cancer outside of traditional medicine.

I had to figure it all out alone.

I have created my 3 month programme to give a place to start and a plan to follow. And to show you that…

You are NOT alone. 

You have options.

Your choices matter.

You have the power to affect your future.

And you don’t have to be afraid.

Starting right now, TODAY, you CAN begin healing

and shaping a community of support that will be invaluable to you.

Very soon you can get busy living!

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Product Description

This program is an investment in your health

Initial health history consultation

1 x 90 Minutes followed by:

7 x Fortnightly 60-minute sessions

You’ll learn not only the causes behind cancer, you’ll also discover the most powerful evidence-based anti-cancer foods and supplements, the best detoxification methods, how to eliminate toxic stress from your life, how to track your progress, and more.

Consultations available one-on-one, via Skype or Phone Consultation.



Coaching is ultimately about getting support. I can help you gain clarity about what this cancer means and help you shift from that feeling of being overwhelmed, to moving towards an extraordinary life. We focus on the adjustment it takes to living your “new normal” life, managing all the changes and losses related to cancer.


Here we look at all the healing treatment options that may be available to you including cancer fighting foods and resources about dietary strategies against cancer, including cancer diet options. I will give you information, friendly advice, encouragement, ideas and most important: a caring supportive environment. No judgements at all.


When we look at your current health from a holistic perspective we will investigate other areas: what are your stressors, personal goals, relationships, emotional health, movement, spiritual connection, and much, much more. Each of these represent a part of us as a person, and if one or more are out of balance they can effect our health and wellbeing.

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*Justine Laidlaw provides information. Any info as a Cancer Coach does not constitute medical advice. Consultations are for education purposes. Specific medical advice will not be provided. Consults are necessary with a qualified physician for diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

1 review for Support Programme – Cancer Patients

  1. Hilary Lawson – Tauranga

    I contacted Justine after I had surgery and radiotherapy for stage 2 breast cancer.

    I was tired, run down, overloaded with information and anxious about making the best choices around supplements and diet alternatives.

    From the first time I met Justine (and her smile), I knew I was finally on the right path. Not only does she “walk the talk” herself – she genuinely wants to empower her clients to love themselves and their bodies again. Justine recommended supplements and real foods to get my gut health functioning properly and my health began to improve dramatically.

    The real healing began, however, when she challenged my thinking about my life and how I wanted to live going forward. I prioritise things that give me joy and fulfillment and no longer feel guilt around this. I now don’t fear cancer returning but know exactly who I would turn to first if it ever did.

    Thank you, Justine, for your kindness, knowledge, continued support and genuineness xx

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