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Start enjoying life again. Release yourself from the worry over what to eat and start enjoying life again. Discover what makes your soul really sing & experience long-term positive change, healing, and balance in your body. Today is the first day of your new beginning, a chance to be whatever you want to be! Let’s do this. I am here with you every step of the way!

Realise that this is a plan for life, and for long-term positive change, this is an


A one step at a time support programme that helps you make sustainable changes.

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Go on, take a peak at what I’ve got in store for you…….you know you want to.



(Sessions topics are an overview of the programme and these may change to suit your needs, depending on your health/lifestyle goals)

The reason I suggest clients sign up for an 8 session package is because by doing so you are committing yourself to change. That is one of the biggest challenges to get past and once you are committed we can work towards implementing changes into your life. Without committing to a six-month program you’re not seeing the bigger picture and we can’t create goals that are sustainable for you to achieve on your own or for the future. I look forward to working with you and helping you to reach your goals.


  1. Leanne Davis – Tauranga

    I met Justine at one of her talks on “Gut health”…I knew nothing about her or her background before then. I was so pleased I went along…I found Justine’s talk so informative with great advice that I could relate to… I learned a lot so decided to set up sometimes to see her privately. I have found Justine to be a beautiful person, fun and generous with a desire to help others. From my health sessions with Justine, I have a better understanding of what and why I should eat certain foods and have become much more aware of ways to help myself establish better eating and lifestyle changes relating and tailored to my own health. I would recommend Justine to anyone who wants to help themselves lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.

  2. Anna Robinson – Taranaki

    I believe that there are some angels working here on earth and that Justine is one of them.

    I never had a cancer diagnosis before I contacted Justine to ask her to help me improve my wellbeing, however, I knew I was unwell and struggling within and had been for some time. I had many lymphatic nodes increasing in size and swelling, had an unidentified abnormality in the area of my sternum which needed further investigation, amongst other things and I was constantly tired and burnt out which I put down to my hectic work schedule, sleep deprivation, dehydration, anxiety and being mum to two boisterous (gorgeous!) little boys.

    For months I had read The Natural Bird blogs coming up on my facebook newsfeed and many of the things that Justine wrote about resonated deep within me.

    I was inspired by her own story and ability to heal herself and I instinctively knew that she was the one that could help me work through my health issues holistically. Contacting her was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

    Justine has truly been a ray of sunshine in my life and I have loved and looked forward to each of her health coaching sessions with me. This beautiful lady has guided me into a better state of wellbeing with her enormous wisdom and unparalleled compassion, her intuition is bang on and she has a true gift of sensing what the body truly needs – and the soul too. She is an experienced holistic practitioner and the information that she has shared has been of good quality and source, inspirational, relevant and mind-expanding.

    Each coaching session has had a different focus and guided me into areas of healing that I would never have been led to otherwise. She has done this in the most compassionate and lighthearted way and made it a lot of fun discovering my inner workings. We often giggle away and laugh and sometimes cry during our sessions. I feel like she has connected to my soul. What an amazing friend to have walking beside me guiding me through to better health.

    Through having Justine as my coach, I have felt so cared about, nurtured and also kicked in the butt when it was required! She is the most amazing listener and has the ability instinctively to really get to the root of any issues. Some of the stuff we have uncovered on the journey has been deep-seated and evoked some painful emotions, stuff I had buried within and had been there for many years, helping to cause dis-ease within my body, mind, and spirit.

    I feel freer and lighter after recognising and releasing some of these painful memories. I am living as a truer reflection of myself, my inner peace is returning after a long absence and my diet is vastly improved, (well most of the time anyway!) I also have a better idea of where I would like to head with my life and what I would like to manifest in my work life.

    Whilst my initial intensive wellbeing coaching sessions with Justine have now finished, there is still so much I want to learn! I have opted to have a coaching session with her every month to check in and keep me inspired and focussed on what we have achieved so far, and also help me deal with the new things that come up along the way, refocus me when life has sneakily got busy again and I’ve fallen off the wagon with my wellbeing – and aside from that, I could never imagine her not being in my life now!!

    The investment that I have made in having Holistic health coaching with Justine has been so beyond worthwhile and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their wellbeing, whether you have a cancer diagnosis or just a feeling that you would like a more optimum level of health. You could not get a more amazing, knowledgeable or inspiring person to walk beside you through your journey to wellbeing.

    Thank you beautiful Natural Bird with all my heart for all you have done to help restore ME.

    Forever grateful,

    With love

  3. Shelly Porter – Tauranga

    Hi Justine,

    I thought I’d just give you a quick update on where I’m at with my health …

    I have finished the restricted diet and cleansing herbs and have been taking the probiotic and my usual supplements (iron, B complex, turmeric, krill oil)

    I have continued with the no gluten or refined sugar diet and I have set up my basement like a basic gym (very basic … only have a treadmill, rowing machine and yoga ball lol) and have been exercising more too.

    How do I feel? Great! I have more energy, my blood pressure has returned to normal, (120/73) my weight has stabilised and am enjoying the lighter me J I think my hormones may have settled down too. I still have trouble with pain but am wondering if that may be more than just the fibromyalgia. I have one leg shorter than the other and I think it affects my back and down my leg. I have continued seeing the Osteopath every 3 weeks for a massage which helps.

    I have really appreciated your help and encouragement and think I know enough now to maintain good health. I will continue to monitor my iron and B12 levels.

    Thanks so much for everything.


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