Low carb high fat for this natural bird!

I try to stick to a High Fat – Low Carb way of eating. You could call it Ketogenic, Paleo or Primal, what ever you call it, I know it works for me. I just can’t tolerate grains well any more and I reminded myself this over the weekend big time!

I made the mistake of not taking any food with me on a motorbike ride with a few mates on Sunday. I was so ravenous by the time we got back to a mate’s place that as soon as we got inside I raided his loaf of bread and smothered it with peanut butter….!

Hmm tasted pretty good, but boy did I suffer later….you could of heard my farts from wherever you were…I’m telling you it was loud but not proud in my household! So this is typically what I eat most days….good fats from avocado, onions and spinach gently tossed in coconut oil, protein from a piece of chicken in a bone broth casserole….pretty yum and almost guaranteed to not be followed by very loud noises!

Justine Laidlaw
About me

I’m Justine Laidlaw, Integrative & Holistic Cancer Coach based in the beautiful Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. I love life, make the most of opportunities and I am certainly not afraid of change. I coach to help change lives as mine was changed drastically in 2013. I run inspiring workshops as a certified “Radical Remission” Teacher from Dr Kelly’s Turners incredible research on cancer patients who have survived a terminal diagnosis. Join me as I continue to promote a healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition, spiritual knowledge and a safe community to share ideas and positive thoughts and where I inspire others towards optimising their wellness journey of healing and living fully.

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