Are tumours really the real problem for CANCER patients?

I’m just getting my teeth into a book I recently purchased which I feel any CANCER patient should consider reading before deciding on what treatment path they should take. As most of you already know I refused to have chemo and radiation for the treatment of my Stage 3 Bowel Cancer. This is vital information in my mind and the author Ty Bollinger highlights that most physicians truly care about their patients, however their training is overwhelmingly biased towards pharmaceutical and surgical approaches to treatment – they have virtually no training or background in clinical nutrition and virtually zero training in non-conventional approaches to treatment of disease.

This should make us extremely cautious when relying on their advice, especially when our lives may depend on it! We must all take control of our own health and do our own research.

I would like to share this section from his book I read last night!  “Cancer Step Outside The Box”
…….The cancer industry is in a “TUMOUR TIZZY”. Most oncologists are so obsessed with shrinking the size of a tumour that they miss the mark completely. You see, chemotherapy does shrink tumours, that is true, However, despite the fact that oncologists are able to successfully shrink tumours, oftentimes the cancer patient still dies. But Why?
The reason is the tumour size has nothing to do with curing cancer. A tumour is like the “check engine” light in your car. It appears only after a problem has developed, but the light itself is not the problem. Do you smash the light, or do you attempt to fix the underlying problem? A tumour is just a signal that something has gone terribly wrong in the body. It’s just the tip of the iceberg.
A tumour cannot be made exclusively of cancer cells any more than a house can be made exclusively of crude oil. Cancer cells cannot form tissue. There is no way a tumour can be made exclusively of cancer cells. Cancer cells reside in the tissue of the tumour. That is why they do biopsies. Thus, if you kill the cancer cells in the tumour, the tumour is nothing but a harmless piece of tissue.
With alternative cancer treatments, little if any attention is paid to the size of the tumour. If the tumour gets a little bigger, for many types of cancer that is no big deal. It is the cancer cells in the tissue of the tumour that are important, not the tissue itself. But it is not even the cancer cells in the tissue of a tumour that threatens the life of the patient…It is the SPREADING of cancer that kills cancer patients. Nothing in orthodox medicine deals with the spreading of cancer.”
What is health endangering and life threatening is the spread of cancer through the rest of the body. There is nothing in surgery today that will prevent the spread of cancer. There is nothing in chemotherapy or radiation that will prevent the spread of cancer. How do we know? Just look at the statistics. The survival time of a cancer patient patient today is no different to what it was half a century ago. The only advancement in the last 50 years has been the improvement on ways to kill TUMOURS via chemo or radiation.
By focusing on the tumour and not the real cause of the cancer (i.e, a weakened immune system) mainstream cancer treatments have left the “fox in the henhouse”….and the fox will most certainly strike again!
Food for thought huh!
Justine Laidlaw
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I’m Justine Laidlaw, Integrative & Holistic Cancer Coach based in the beautiful Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. I love life, make the most of opportunities and I am certainly not afraid of change. I coach to help change lives as mine was changed drastically in 2013. I run inspiring workshops as a certified “Radical Remission” Teacher from Dr Kelly’s Turners incredible research on cancer patients who have survived a terminal diagnosis. Join me as I continue to promote a healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition, spiritual knowledge and a safe community to share ideas and positive thoughts and where I inspire others towards optimising their wellness journey of healing and living fully.


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