Does HEALING come from within?

We’ve all been fearful or confused about what’s really causing our symptoms. We worry and want to know WHY we have chronic Illnesses, such as back pain, eczema, acne, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure or cancer.

Is it the food we eat, lack of exercise, viruses or bacteria? Is it our genes? Or could our unresolved emotional hurts, limiting beliefs or stressful life situations be at fault? Or is it a combination of all of these?

Perhaps we need to become more aware of what our root causes are, and learn how specific stressors, emotions, beliefs and lifestyle habits trigger your symptoms.

I‘ve seen several family members, friends, colleagues and clients heal pain, indigestion, asthma, arthritis, depression, migraine, heart disease, diabetes and cancer in a way that made me wonder:

  • How does this really work?
  • Why do some people heal while others don‘t?

I used to have mixed feelings when someone talked about our body‘s ability to heal itself.

I used to believe these self-healing stories were random.

I used to believe that there‘s no real science or art to the process of self-healing.

How wrong I was …

That’s why I believe I was meant to go through the years of poor health and eventually a cancer diagnosis to learn that healing is mostly an inside job. (Not always of course)

The last century or in fact still seems to be focused on disease management.

The understanding was that the body was mechanical and the role of the doctor was to fix whatever seemed to be broken.

Science has developed amazing technologies, diagnostic methods and procedures and made huge strides in managing symptoms and helping with emergencies.

The 21st century will be about self-healing and the process of auto-regulation as we move from the mechanical viewpoint to the quantum-energetic perspective.

At some point, we will become aware that we are Body-Mind-Social beings and that our body has an astounding ability to regulate its functions and adjust to stressful life situations.

Are you with me? Does this resonate with you too?

And if this does resonate and you would like to learn exactly how cancer patients with a life-threatening diagnoses have healed their own body/mind/spirit and embraced some lifestyle changes then you are going to be ramping up your own self-healing ability like you wont believe. (actually you WILL believe by the time you have finished a workshop)

Lets do this, and make that mental shift today and start believing that healing is POSSIBLE!!!

I encourage you to join me in one of my “Surviving Cancer Against All Odds” workshops sometime soon. Checkout the workshops tab for more info.

Justine Laidlaw
About me

I’m Justine Laidlaw, Integrative & Holistic Cancer Coach based in the beautiful Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. I love life, make the most of opportunities and I am certainly not afraid of change. I coach to help change lives as mine was changed drastically in 2013. I run inspiring workshops as a certified “Radical Remission” Teacher from Dr Kelly’s Turners incredible research on cancer patients who have survived a terminal diagnosis. Join me as I continue to promote a healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition, spiritual knowledge and a safe community to share ideas and positive thoughts and where I inspire others towards optimising their wellness journey of healing and living fully.

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