Possibly helpful in preparation for vaccination

The following list is to be used with good judgment and sense. Do not implement anything that you have not read about or that does not seem right for you. 

  1. Check a vitamin D level before the jab. Have the level at high (>100-150 nmol/L) if possible before the jab. Follow the level every three to four months. 
  2. Take NAC, quercetin, zinc in the bottle’s recommended doses starting one day before the jab and a week following. 
  3. If any liver challenges, take milk thistle or consider a liver detox herbal cleanse before you go for the jab. Check liver panel if liver disease is suspected. 
  4. Take vitamin C as sodium ascorbate or ascorbic acid at 500 mg/kg/day for five days before the jab, and continue for two weeks after. Make sure you don’t have any active kidney disease if you do this. 
  5. Quercetin 500 mg daily for five days before and a week after, take pumpkin seeds and lots of zinc containing food. Look it up. 
  6. If you have IVM, take at .25mg/kg/day. Must have a doctor prescribe. Take the day before the jab and for 7 days after. 
  7. Take Neprinol or some strong form of nattokinase. Take as directed on the bottle for three days before and a week following. Have live blood analysis done if possible to direct further therapy. Return2health in NZ has it. Consult a practitioner for more in depth dosing for special conditions. 
  8. Some people take a high dose IV vitamin C infusion just before the jab. Sounds like a good idea. 500mg/kg IV. Can do more after the first treatment. Different doses and frequencies may be applied to different people given the health history. 
  9. Be well hydrated and in alkaline state before the injection. Consult a natural practitioner if help is needed. Or read the internet about it. Most toxins are more easily excreted in alkaline environments. Tissue acidosis and bowel acidity are not ideal when dealing with toxic insults. 
  10. Request that the injector pulls back on the syringe barrel to make sure they are not in a blood vessel. Then they can inject. If they argue with you, leave and reschedule somewhere else. This is ALWAYS how injections are given safely. Don’t take no for an answer.
  11. Ice the area of the arm to be injected for 15 minutes or more just prior to entry. 
  12. Bentonite clay application to the injection site after the injection. Apply frequently and change often. 
  13. Place a neodymium magnet (cheap and available on trademe) in a dressing in between applications to the injection site. Okay to keep the clay on there at the same time. 
  14. Keep arm iced over top of which ever dressing you use, for at least one hour post injection. 
  15. Arnica homeopathic every two hours to reduce bleeding in the injection site. 
  16. Rescue remedy as needed if unsettled mentally or emotionally. 
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