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THE NATURAL BIRD - Kickstart Programme

If you are needing guidance to get started on how to kick your woes to the curb then this THREE session programme is right for you. We look at what you want to create for your health and we design a plan to get you there.


Coaching is ultimately about getting support to finally make positive changes, uncovering your true desires, and making your better life a reality.


We look at what is contributing to you feeling the way you do, get to the bottom of those niggly issues you have been putting up with and learn what foods & issues may be contributing to your woes.

$295 Paid in full


We partner together to develop a comprehensive plan, individualised for you, to successfully make lasting changes to help you see results in all both your health and all areas of your life.

ONE  90-Minute Consultation

with TWO 60-Minute follow-up sessions

Clean Eating Shopping List

Healthy Eating Handout

Unlimited email/txt support

My personal commitment to your wellness


Leanne Davis

I met Justine at one of her talks on “Gut health”…I knew nothing about her or her background before then. I was so pleased I went along…I found Justine’s talk so informative with great advice that I could relate to… I learned a lot so decided to set up sometimes to see her privately. I have found Justine to be a beautiful person, fun and generous with a desire to help others. From my health sessions with Justine, I have a better understanding of what and why I should eat certain foods and have become much more aware of ways to help myself establish better eating and lifestyle changes relating and tailored to my own health. I would recommend Justine to anyone who wants to help themselves lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.




Check out my two other programme options


Realise that this is a plan for life, and for long-term positive change, this is a 3 month one step at a time support programme that helps you make sustainable changes. Start enjoying life again.


Helping you get away from being overwhelmed and stressed so you can experience quality of life again. We look at cancer fighting foods and resources about natural treatment options for healing with cancer.