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Consultation – Follow-up session


In these follow-up sessions I may use simple assessment or coaching tools that can help you identify what is working in your life, what isn’t working, and the changes you would like to generate to be thriving.

We may look at your core values, your communication style, your personality type, and help you navigate the bigger picture purpose of life. We would also identify stress triggers and find ways to reduce it.

We will also look at the things that may have triggered your disease in the first place and look at the root cause of why you have been diagnosed with cancer – (infections, ph Balance, inflammation, gut health, stress levels, toxins, deficiencies & hormones)

Together we will help you to:

Correct Nutrient Deficiencies, Optimise your Nutrition, Look at what underlying toxins, bacteria, parasites you may have, improve sleep patterns, detoxify well, address your emotional needs, deepen your spiritual connection, address current stress triggers, explore your bigger purpose and look at what integrative treatments you can use to help optimise the healing process

As a holistic coach, I will be able to help you gain clarity, get out of being overwhelmed and reduce stress so you can experience living your best life with cancer, chronic illness & beyond. 

I look forward to working with you.

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