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Initial Consultation – First meeting


Initial Consultation

Bring your support team and let’s get you started – A personal invitation to have up to 2 hours of my undivided attention. You do need support right now. Let’s map out your next steps to recovery.

It really is my mission to let everyone that is involved with cancer or other health issues know that they are not alone, they do not have to do this by themselves! 

With the initial consultation, we will look at your diagnosis and at the things that may have triggered your disease in the first place and look at the potential reasons of why you have been diagnosed with your current situation.  – (infections, ph Balance, inflammation, gut health, stress levels, toxins, deficiencies & hormones)

In your initial consultation, we will look at an in-depth review of your current diet, exercise regime, lifestyle, stressors and we may also look at what specific integrative treatment options you can explore and what other means of support you may need on a deeper level.

Please have available:

  • All medications and supplements you are taking (if you have too many, please note it down with the brand and dosage).
  • Your latest blood results from your GP, if you have any, as well as any specialist note, medical notes, etc
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Product Description

Over time together I can help you to:

    • Correct Nutrient Deficiencies
    • Optimise your Nutrition
    • Look at what underlying toxins, bacteria, parasites you may have
    • Improve Sleep patterns
    • Detoxify well
    • Address your Emotional Needs
    • Deepen your Spiritual Connection
    • Address Current Stress triggers
    • Explore Your bigger purpose
    • What Integrative Treatments you can use to help optimise the healing process


As a holistic coach, I will be able to help you gain clarity, get out of being overwhelmed, and reduce stress so you can experience the quality of life again.

As you know the fallout from chronic illness can be overwhelming. Most of us dig down and find coping mechanisms or we may fall into potholes of depression, feeling numb, or checking out through addictive type behaviors. One of the significant benefits of coaching is that it helps clients reach clarity about fears, concerns, worries, or challenges and move back into living life with more fun and loads more joy!

I look forward to helping you heal, to help you stay accountable to yourself, and open you up to receive inspiration.

Consultations available in-person one-on-one, via Zoom Online or Phone Consultation.

*Justine Laidlaw provides information. Any info as a Cancer Coach does not constitute medical advice. Consultations are for education purposes. Specific medical advice will not be provided. Consults are necessary with a qualified physician for diagnosis and treatment recommendations.



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