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Radical HOPE Livestream 2 hour workshop


Join us for what will be a 2-hour energising and inspiring workshop and it’s FREE

You will learn an holistic approach to your healing and be guided on your path to health and wellness by understanding the 10 Healing Factors of Radical HOPE.
In this 2 hour workshop we will focus on 2 of the 10 factors:
  • How to Empower Yourself
  • How to access & action your Intuition

NZ | FRIDAY | 24th June 2022 | 1pm – 3pm NZT

USA | THURSDAY | 23rd June 2022 | 6pm – 8pm PST 

Online Via Zoom – The workshop will be recorded for anyone unable to attend the livestream. You will need to request the replay if you cannot be present.

You will learn how lifestyle choices such as diet change, stress reduction, and meditation can boost your immune system in scientifically proven ways. For many, a Radical Remission workshop is their first step in finding HOPE in an uplifting, healing community.

REGISTRATIONS ESSENTIAL – giving you access to the Zoom Link

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Product Description

What will you learn?

The 10 factors of Radical HOPE can be used safely by anyone on any healing journey or for prevention to aid you in improving your immune function. These factors have helped many people overcome cancer or other chronic illness.

Hosted and taught by Justine Laidlaw – Certified Radical Remission Teacher with special guest Jenny Kennedy – both cancer thrivers helping those with chronic illness find a path towards healing the mid, body & Spirit.

You may like to familiarise yourself with the books Radical Remission & Radical HOPE by Kelly A. Turner, PhD, before joining the workshop, but it is not required.

You will be inspired to realise that you can begin healing straight away.

Who Is It For? Those who wish to help prevent or overcome cancer or another health challenge, as well as those who support friends or family with a health challenge, are welcome. Health-care professionals will also learn valuable tools they can share with their patients.

Justine Laidlaw is a Colorectal Cancer Thriver, Certified Radical Remission Teacher and Holistic Health Coach, Functional Medicine & Nutrition Coach, Thermography Breast health screening Technician, and Ozone Therapy advisor.

After a diagnosis of colorectal cancer, stage 3, Justine chose to follow her intuition that was speaking loudly to her and subsequently declined chemotherapy & radiation. She found healing through making many lifestyle changes in her life since her diagnosis 8 years ago.

Jenny Kennedy (Intuitive Healer) has healed from incurable Ovarian Cancer and will guide us through the emotional, spiritual aspects of healing. After receiving the devastating news from her surgeon that she was unable to cure me of Stage 3C ovarian cancer, Jenny was left with no option but to begin her own journey of healing. Jenny is also 8 years on since her diagnosis.

There is a difference between curing and healing. Curing is the elimination of the signs and symptoms of illness whereas healing is becoming whole, by getting to the root cause of what created the illness and identifying with our spiritual selves.

This will be via the ZOOM platform. The workshop will be recorded for participants & will be available for a limited time if you happen to not be able to attend this workshop.




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