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Radical HOPE – Dr Kelly Turner’s Book of Cancer Survivors and other chronic illness


Radical HOPE – 10 Key Healing Factors from exceptional Survivors of Cancer & Other Diseases.

Thousands of readers have followed the ground breaking programme from Kelly A. Turner, PhD, and achieved successful remission from cancer. Radical Hope co-writer Tracy White is one of the many who did so, and together Turner and White explore the real-life application of the Radical Remission principles and the people who have chosen to take this journey. Each chapter shares a survivor’s in-depth story and their interpretation of a key factor in the Radical Remission lifestyle.

Turner and White provide updated research and new tips for each factor and present a tenth key factor for integration into your healing approach. Male and female, younger and older, these survivors achieved remission by recognising and committing to the fact that by taking ownership of their approach to healing, they would be giving themselves the best chance for a longer and healthier life. With warmth, realness and a true sense of hope, the authors shine the spotlight on the pure strength of our own being and offer steadfast support and guidance for making the unique and individual decisions that are best suited for your own journey of healing.

Packed with incredible healing stories including several stories from New Zealanders including myself.

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