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Radical REMISSION/HOPE 10 – Week Intensive Workshop


Date 29th February 2024 – 2nd May 2024 (Suits New Zealand/Australia Time-zone)


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Join me for a deep dive into the 10 healing factors from Radical Hope by Dr. Kelly Turner, PhD and be inspired with real live healing stories with special guests each week who have, or are defying the odds.

Kelly is the New York Times bestselling author of Radical Remission and Radical Hope, which summarise her research into radical remissions – when someone heals from cancer or another serious illness in a statistically unlikely way, such as without conventional medicine or after conventional medicine has failed.

“Radical Hope reveals real-world examples of how to rise to the challenges of living with cancer or chronic illness and to not only survive but thrive.

Over the past fifteen years, she has conducted research in 10 different countries and analysed over 1,500 cases of radical remission.

The workshop and group will provide accountability, community and motivation to help you implement or deepen the healing factors in your life, so they become habits that are part of a healthy and healing life.

All sessions will be live on ZOOM and recorded.


Product Description

What will you learn?

The 10 factors of Radical HOPE can be used safely by anyone on any healing journey or for prevention to aid you in improving your immune function. These factors have helped many people overcome cancer or other chronic illness’s.

  • Having Strong Reasons for living
  • Optimal Nutrition
  • Herbs & Supplements
  • Exercise
  • Deepening our Spiritual Connection
  • Releasing Suppressed Emotions
  • Increasing Joy, Fun & Happiness
  • Empowerment
  • Trusting Our Intuition
  • Social Support

Each week, participants will focus on one of the 10 key factors and will dive-in and deepen their understanding of how the factors can aid their healing.  Goal setting and accountability will be tools that help solidify this healthy new habit into our daily lives. We will use the power of the group to support each other and share resources and ideas.

The Journey of healing is a 10-week course.

This course and community experience has been intentionally designed to deliver the maximum amount of value to you within a reasonable amount of time for you to learn, process, understand and begin to apply these factors into your life. Each week we will have an inspirational healing story along with the supporting research and worksheets to apply into your life. You can easily refer back to any lesson or topic whenever needed. You will have access to all of the content and the community via a private facebook group.

*Note – This class size is limited to 20 participants to allow us to build a safe, trusted community. Save your spot, register today!

Each session will be facilitated by Justine Laidlaw – certified workshop facilitator.

You may like to familiarise yourself with the books Radical Remission & Radical HOPE by Kelly A. Turner, PhD, before joining the workshop, but it is not required.

You will be inspired to realise that you can begin healing straight away.

Who Is It For? Those who wish to help prevent or overcome cancer or another health challenge, as well as those who support friends or family with a health challenge, are welcome. Health-care professionals will also learn valuable tools they can share with their patients.

Justine Laidlaw is a Colorectal Cancer Thriver, Certified Radical Remission Teacher and Holistic Health Coach, Functional Medicine & Nutrition Coach, Thermography Breast health screening Technician, and Ozone Therapy advisor.

After a diagnosis of colorectal cancer, stage 3, Justine chose to follow her intuition that was speaking loudly to her and subsequently declined chemotherapy & radiation. She found healing through making many lifestyle changes in her life since her diagnosis 8 years ago.

There is a difference between curing and healing. Curing is the elimination of the signs and symptoms of illness whereas healing is becoming whole, by getting to the root cause of what created the illness and identifying with our spiritual selves.

This will be via the ZOOM platform. The workshop will be recorded for participants & will be available for a limited time if you happen to not be able to attend this workshop.

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11 reviews for Radical REMISSION/HOPE 10 – Week Intensive Workshop

  1. Justine Laidlaw

    I just finished the Radical Remission Workshop with Justine. What a fantastic workshop, I came away with a new knowledge, tools and a roadmap for getting a fully healthy, happy and rewarding life!

    I think if you are suffering any health crisis, the material taught in this workshop is a must!
    Thank you Justine! A magic workshop and so pleased to have met you and learn from you. Please keep up the good work!

    Durrick W – Tauranga (Colon Cancer)

  2. Justine Laidlaw

    A brilliant workshop that not only covers the radical remission topics but gives support, open communication, and truly authentic advice to help each and everyone on the course through their cancer journey.
    Justine has a wealth of knowledge and is such a beautiful soul that truly wants to help people.

    I highly recommend this workshop to people who want to learn more about the important factors to healing but more importantly need support and guidance. The people I have met through this workshop, I honestly feel will be friends for life.
    Thanks Justine you’re an incredible being that I am so grateful to be connected with.

    Kelly C – Tauranga (Breast Cancer)

  3. Justine Laidlaw

    Thank you so much for your Workshop, it inspired me to be even stronger and more positive than I already was and kept me going through the tuff times. Your journey is so inspiring and admirable. Although I believed in the Divine Spirit or whatever each of us likes to call it, your workshop taught me so much more and I now have a better understanding that the Divine Spirit/Universe is part of all of us, being our intuition or gut feeling, and how to ask and you will receive or to give back to the universe that does not serve us and that each of us are unique and have our own journey. So pleased I stopped Chemo as I could have had another 4 treatments of poison to get the medical result I got with only 2 treatments. I will continue with my changed lifestyle, supplements etc which you taught me, and stay on our workshop Facebook page as the connection with the beautiful strong ladies is so important for all of us.

    H Jones – Tauranga (Ovarian Cancer)

  4. Justine Laidlaw

    This course was excellent. What I loved about the course was the openness, being able to share without judgement and just the knowledge that everyone gets my emotional struggle. Since the course I have taken steps to be more spiritually aware by meditating every night before I sleep. Also by not suppressing my emotions I think I’ve held a lot in and it’s hurt me more than it should – and I know I’ve allowed that to happen. I’ve been plant-based since end of last year (think that was when my intuition kicked in as something didn’t feel right), so have carried that on looking at labels when I’m food shopping. I thought the course would feel like ages but it flew by with the amount of information as well as healing that I felt during the sessions. I always felt better after every session to the point I’d make a concerted effort to change one thing no matter how small e.g. laughing more. I was diagnosed not long before the workshop began and I felt so overwhelmed that I wasn’t sure how the workshop would help me. But every time I was in a session, hearing the experiences of the others and what Justine showed us – it gave me more clarity and direction about how I wanted my journey to go. I thought I had power taken away from me before the workshop and now that I’ve been through it I understand that’s totally not the case – I’ve had it in my hands after all – Justine helped me to see it and I’m so grateful.

    Miriam F – Auckland – Breast Cancer

  5. Justine Laidlaw

    The Radical Remission workshop was excellent, it has opened my eyes to new ways of healing myself and a belief that I CAN do it. The feeling of community, the energy and the masses of practical tips we got and presented all in a beautiful and nurturing way. It bought my awareness to how I can challenge the doctors and take the path that sits right for me. The changes I am going to focus on are to meditate more and focus more on mind spirit work and it also made me aware of what my strong reasons for living are. I look forward to connecting each week with everyone and feel very connected to my ‘team’. We CAN do this! It was a highlight in my week.

    Sheryl F – Wellington (Colon Cancer)

  6. Justine Laidlaw

    I wasn’t sure how I’d feel going through this workshop as I was still in a state of shock after my diagnosis. But every time I meet up with Justine and the wonderful people involved in this supportive group also looking for guidance, it’s apparent that I’m not emotionally alone and I walk away at the end of each session refreshed and with renewed hope and a sense of direction. What brought me to this course isn’t a thing any of us wanted, it’s quite frankly terrifying. However emerging from this course I do feel that I have clarity to believe that I was meant to do this course and gain this huge amazing pot of resources, people, wisdom and guidance. It has made me realise that an appreciation (that I didn’t have before) for the simple things like diet, spirituality and connecting with people to talk, gives me hope that I will actual heal from this and live to see my kids get old. Justine is a true passionate healer and I feel very hopeful for the future.

    Sarah – Jane C – Auckland (Breast Cancer)

  7. Justine Laidlaw

    This course was life changing, a game changer for me after being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. I thought I already knew so much about healing from cancer, however this took my understanding of healing to a whole new level. The fact that every week I was challenged about my own ideas and given loads of new information, and a new awareness of how many emotional changes I need to make. I just which this course was way longer, like forever as the connections I made and support from the others has been incredible. I would recommend it to anyone.

    Carolyn R – Blenheim (Stage 4 breast Cancer)

  8. Justine Laidlaw

    This is a great course for anyone who is interested in being empowered around their current diagnosis. It’s not a pity party, it’s a power party with other real raw wonderful men and women who connect and share from an open hearted platform. I loved it. and absolutely loved hearing the other healing stories from real people. This is what makes it personal and gave me more hope. Thank you Justine

    Jacqui R – Australia

    Absolutely loved them. This is what makes it personal and gives more hope

  9. Justine Laidlaw

    Life changing. The course gave me full confidence that Radical Remissions are possible. It was hugely supportive at a time when it’s most needed. To feel such connection and empathy with people I’ve never met in person, but share a cancer journey with, is a very special feeling. Covering one healing factor each week and connecting with fellow RR aspirees was amazing.
    Rebecca Hope – Nelson

  10. Justine Laidlaw

    I liked many things! The structure is great, receiving material before hand to consider and then the discussion that followed, noting with Kelly Turner had to say, and then Justine’s wisdom in leading the discussion based on her experience. Justine is a great facilitator, very good at guiding the conversation in a gentle and genuine way. I liked the way group shared and people opened up as trust was established because of the very safe space that Justine creates. I really appreciated the speakers that Justine organised for us to meet and the insight they provided from their experiences. I felt great comfort because the other people in this group understand what it feels like to navigate the cancer experience, the highs and the lows. I loved going deeper with the Radical Remission points, it took me deeper than simply reading the book. I loved hearing what other people had to share about what they were doing, what was working. Justine is an powerhouse of information that she is so willing to share. The connection formed in this group is very unique, it formed very quickly and the support for each other is immeasurable.

    Work Shop Participant – Australia

  11. Justine Laidlaw

    An enlightening course, full of advice especially for myself at the beginning of my journey-really helped to change fear into a proactive approach with a positive outlook. Justine – she is amazing, engaged, empathic, knowledgeable, informed and caring, i loved every single week and the connection with others on the healing path.

    Annette Nottle – Tauranga

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