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New York Times best-selling author Kelly Turner, PhD studied 1,500 cases of radical remission—people who had complete reversal of a serious or terminal cancer diagnosis—and discovered they shared TEN common healing factors.

Join Certified Radical Remission Instructor – Justine Laidlaw and Special Guest Jenny Kennedy, (both cancer survivors) for this 6-week LIVESTREAM course.

STARTS Thursday 25th June 2020 – 30th July 2020.

11.00am – 1pm NZT (Wednesday 7pm EDT)

EARLY BIRD – $349 (Ends Sunday 7th June 2020)

Workshop sessions will be live via the ZOOM platform.

We are so looking forward to inspiring you that healing is possible! I hope you can join us!



Product Description


Applying The 10 Healing Factors Into Your Own Life

New York Times best-selling author Kelly Turner, PhD studied 1,500 cases of radical remission—people who had complete reversal of a serious or terminal cancer diagnosis—and discovered they shared nine common healing factors.

What Will I Learn? In this online workshop led by a Certified Radical Remission TM Instructor, you will learn how lifestyle choices such as diet change, stress reduction, and meditation can boost your immune system in scientifically proven ways. You will also hear the stories of Radical Remission Survivors that will fill you with inspiration.

Through lecture, group exercises, and partner work, you will learn how you can introduce the following 9 healing factors into your life and leave with a plan for yourself.


You will leave with 1-, 6-, and 12-month action plans you can implement right away.

Who Is It For? Those who wish to help prevent or overcome cancer or another health challenge, as well as those who support friends or family with a health challenge are welcome. Health-care professionals will also learn valuable tools they can share with their patients.

About the Founder Kelly Turner, PhD, is author of ‘Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds,’ now in 20 languages, which summarises her decade of research into the radical remission of cancer. Trained at Harvard University and the University of California, Berkeley, Kelly is also the founder of the Radical Remission TM Project (, an online database and community that collects cases of radical remission and connects radical remission survivors with current cancer patients. Dr. Turner recently trained the inaugural group of Certified Radical Remission Instructors so that they could bring the Radical Remission workshop back to their home communities.

Justine Laidlaw is a Colorectal Cancer Thriver, Certified Radical Remission Teacher and Holistic Health Coach, Thermography Breast health screening Technician and Ozone Therapy advisor.

After a diagnosis of colorectal cancer, stage 3, Justine chose to follow her intuition that was speaking loudly to her and declined chemotherapy & Radiation. She found healing through making many changes in her life, not a stone left unturned.

During this time, Justine read Dr Kelly’s book “Radical Remission”, which was incredibly validating for her as all the things she was doing fell within the factors mentioned in the book. This gave Justine an incredible boost that supported her to keep doing what she was doing.

When Justine came across the teacher training she travelled across the globe to New York to train and become a Certified Radical Remission Teacher and joined a tribe of other cancer survivors who are now offering these workshops around the world. Justine is passionate about teaching these factors to people who wish to boost their immune system and sharing her story to inspire others

Jenny Kennedy (Intuitive Healer) will be our guest presenter, Jenny has healed from incurable Ovarian Cancer and will guide us through the Emotional, spiritual aspects of healing.

6-Week LIVE-STREAM workshop:

Starts Thursday June 25th 2020 every week for 6 weeks
11am – 1pm NZT

COST – $395

EARLY BIRD – $349 (Ends Sunday 7th June 2020)

This will be via the ZOOM platform, replays for participants may be available if everyone in the group is happy to share or if you happen to not be able to attend. ( We prefer that you can attend every session to keep the connection of the group strong)



  1. Justine Laidlaw

    Amazing! I attended the Radical Remission workshop with Justine in June 2019 and loved it! It gave me the opportunity to look at myself in a different light, it brought me ideas of how I can help myself find a bteer, happy and more brighter and fun future! Shona Davie (Tauranga)

  2. Justine Laidlaw

    I loved the fact that the message was clear that if I don’t do this or that I will die. This workshop gave me practical ideas to consider and implement the ones that resonated with myself. I thought it was FANTASTIC!!!The workshop opened my mind to ideas and allowed me to slow down for the weekend and reflect on a positive and exciting way forward. Jen-Paul (Auckland)

  3. Justine Laidlaw

    I loved connecting with others in a group setting and learning more with people who get the healing journey. If you are faced with cancer this workshop is a must to empower you on your own journey! Kylie Tolman (Christchurch)

  4. Justine Laidlaw

    This was life-changing information for me, I loved being part of the group discussions and the workshop gave me my own awareness and a guide as to how to deal with day to day life with cancer. Glyn Smith (Rotorua)

  5. Justine Laidlaw

    I feel like I am definitely going to live my true natural lifespan! I loved the teachings, it was so empowering and I feel like I have wonderful tools that I can do myself now to add to my healing tool box! Amanda Liain (Putaruru)

  6. Justine Laidlaw

    I just finished the Radical Remission Workshop with Justine.
    What a fantastic workshop, I came away with a new knowledge, tools and a roadmap for getting a fully healthy, happy and rewarding life!

    I think if you are suffering any health crisis, the material taught in this workshop is a must!

    Thank you Justine! A magic workshop and so pleased to have met you and learn from you. Please keep up the good work! Durrick Walker (Tauranga)

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