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Online Seminar – Surviving Cancer Against all Odds


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    Online Event

    14th April 2020 6.30pm – 8.00pm NZT (New Zealand Time)

    Event will be via Zoom & recorded so you can replay the talk at a later date

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Product Description


A diagnosis of cancer, or even a suspicion of cancer, is incredibly fearful. All of us know friends or family who have been diagnosed with or have died from cancer. So it is no wonder that research shows that cancer is the most feared disease in the world.Come and listen to Justine Laidlaw – The Natural Bird & Jenny Kennedy – Speaker/Intuitive Healer from Tauranga (both are cancer survivors), and hear about their cancer healing stories and learn about the 9 key factors of healing from Dr Kelly Turners Research – “Radical Remission”.

Radical Remission is a N.Y times best seller where Dr. Turner studied people diagnosed with terminal or stage 4 cancer, who actively engaged in their own healing processes, forging their own paths to health, wholeness, and healing.

She discovered that there are NINE key factors that all of these people had in common.

Justine had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Kelly Turner last year in N.Y. city to attend Kelly’s teacher training with 45 other cancer survivors. She is now a Certified Radical Remission workshop teacher.

Radical remission is about creating lives that not only promote health and wholeness, but lives of meaning and authenticity, lives that are filled with genuine happiness and inner peace.



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