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Client Testimonials

Radical Remission 6-week workshop

Justine and Jenny have created a brilliant workshop that not only covers the radical remission topics but gives support, open communication, and truly authentic advice to help each and everyone on the course through their cancer journey. These two ladies have a wealth of knowledge between them and are two beautiful souls that truly want to help people. I highly recommend this workshop to people who want to learn more about the important factors to healing but more importantly need support and guidance. The people I have met through this workshop, I honestly feel will be friends for life.

Thanks, Justine and Jenny, you’re both incredible beings that I am so grateful to be connected with.

–Kelly Cameron

Struggled with low self esteem, fatigue & conflict with family

Justine assisted me enormously at a time in my life where I was confronted with too many life changing events at once. She worked with me to identify the issues and more importantly to agree which to address first in order to progress. Working with Justine empowered me to make the decisions I needed, while reminding me to look after my own needs and not just those of others. I have learn’t so much about my health and why I had been struggling in the first place. I can honestly say my wellbeing has improved in leaps and bounds. I have lost weight, my thinking is so much more clearer and I have learn’t many new ways of approaching my food choices for the better.  On many levels Justine has been a rock to me at a crucial time and I’m very thankful for her wisdom and guidance.

–Sarah L