Ozone Therapy


Ozone Packages available to purchase or lease for home users and practitioners.

Elevate your health with the power of Ozone - Enhancing the body's own Self-Healing ability.

Our ozone generators bring powerful mitochondrial stimulation, tackling the root causes of degenerative diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart issues. Experience increased energy production and enhanced detoxification with our user-friendly equipment.

We offer top-quality generators from trusted brands from the USA, supported by personalised assistance tailored to your needs. Let us help you navigate a healing protocol and teach you how to use your generator, ensuring you have the confidence to utilise it effectively.

Count on our dedication to safety and excellence as active members of OTANZ (Ozone Therapy Association of New Zealand) committed to ensuring the safe practice of ozone therapy in New Zealand.

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Ozone Machines

Finding a suitable machine

High-Quality US-Made Ozone Generators for Medical Use

Ozone therapy's popularity has skyrocketed, but navigating the world of ozone generators can be tricky. How do you ensure you're getting a safe and suitable device for medical applications?

Choosing the Right Medical Ozone Generator:

  • Medical-Grade Safety: Look for a practitioner-level ozone generator designed specifically for medical purposes. These devices prioritise safety and adhere to stricter regulations.
  • Ease of Use: A user-friendly interface is crucial. The generator should be simple to operate, even for those unfamiliar with ozone therapy.
  • Durable Construction: Medical ozone generators utilise ozone-resistant materials. Regular ozone exposure destroys most electronics' building blocks like metals, plastics, and rubber. This "oxidation" process crumbles these materials, releasing toxic byproducts that can contaminate the ozone itself.

We offer high-quality ozone generators manufactured in the USA that meet these criteria. These generators prioritise safety, user-friendliness, and durability with ozone-resistant materials.

By choosing a medical-grade ozone generator, you're ensuring a safe and effective experience with ozone therapy.


What Ozone treatments can I do from home?

The three key treatments to ozone therapy at home are:

  • Rectal & Vaginal Insufflation - Benefits whole body & blood oxygen saturation
  • Ear insufflation - Benefits to the ear, nose, throat, heart and brain & oxygenating blood
  • Ozone water - For GI health, skin and oral infections, sores, cavities, receding gums, gut health.

And then you can also do other treatments that are specific to your condition such as:

  • Breathing treatments - For lung diseases, sinus infections and viral flu.
  • Sinus syringe - For nasal infections
  • Vaginal Insufflation - For vaginal infections, candida and inflammation
  • Cupping - For skin wounds, lesions, and infections on the body, breast lumps.
  • Limb Bagging - For skin wounds, lesions, ulcers and infections on a limb
  • Whole body bagging -Benefits to the skin and possibly the whole body
  • Sauna - Benefits to whole body oxygenation and detoxification
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Brand New Ozone generator options available for purchase

Longevity EXT120T Digital + Timer Complete package

$7,820 NZD + GST

Ultra Pure Ozonation Systems

One of the highest spec generators in the world. Includes everything to make ozone water, rectal/vaginal insufflations, bagging, breathing & ear insufflations.

  • Longevity's "All Digital" NEOS™ Technology and 100% Quartz Glass Electrode
  • Proven Purity, Precision, Quality and Reliability.
  • The EXT120-T will provide you with that Lifetime of use. 
  • 100% Pure Ozone

Fee Funders - Finance Available

Promolife 03 Dual Elite Comprehensive Package

$4,565 NZD + GST

The ideal ozone generator for any home ozone application.

Includes everything to make ozone water, rectal/vaginal insufflations, bagging, breathing & ear insufflations, and full-body bag treatments.

  • Dual ceramic ozone cells that won't burn out

  • Crafted in the USA with all ozone-compatible materials

  • Lifetime warranty and premier service

Fee Funders - Finance Available

Longevity & Promolife Second-Hand Ozone Generator Options


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Fee Funders - Finance Available

Lease a Machine

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you're interested in exploring the leasing options available. All of our lease machines feature the Longevity EXT120 Timer with fully digital capabilities.

Ozone Therapy


The production of energy in the body is accomplished by the combination of glucose with oxygen, producing ATP. The body makes an amount of ATP equivalent to your body weight every 24 hours. If you make 10% less ATP than normal, you will feel tired and sluggish. If ATP production falls too far, you will deteriorate rapidly, and die. Energy is life and the production of energy in the body depends upon oxygen.

The second important function of oxygen is to combine with metabolic waste products to allow their elimination from the body. This process is called the oxidation-reduction cycle. When insufficient oxygen is available, the detoxification process slows down, wastes pile up, circulation becomes sluggish, oxygen is prevented from reaching the cells, and disease results. Thus, we can see that oxygen is essential to these two vital phases of life.

Since oxygen is the most critical requirement for life, the ingestion of substances [which] increases the level of oxygen in the body [is] most beneficial to optimum health. The best sources of oxygen are ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and magnesium peroxide.