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Ozone Therapy

I import ozone generators and equipment from the Promolife in the USA & Longevity Resources in Canada. These are the highest spec ozone generators in the world, they NOT manufactured in China and are used by the ozone doctors we have here in New Zealand.

Ozone Therapy has become so popular. How are you supposed to know which ones are which if you can’t trust that a “Medical Ozone Generator” is actually suitable for medical use?

Ozone destroys almost all materials that are normally used to make consumer electronics such as metals, plastics, rubber, glues, and resins. It “Oxidizes” them. Metal rusts, plastics, and rubber are destroyed and turned into dust, and so are most other materials.

When ozone destroys these materials toxic byproducts are created and are added to the ozone. These toxins will go wherever the ozone goes. Think about that. Wherever you put that ozone these toxins will go too, right into you!

So the key is that when a company builds an ozone generator it has to contain the ozone in the electrode and tubing that is ‘ozone proof’ and can’t be destroyed by the ozone. As mentioned above, these tubes, electrodes, and pipes can’t be made of metal, plastic, rubber, and can’t have any glues or resins holding them together. The company should use only a few materials that are available that are ozone resistant and won’t be destroyed by the ozone. These materials tend to be expensive but they are necessary if you want to make sure the ozone your ozone generator is producing is not full of toxins.

Feel free to connect with me if you are interested to see what I currently have available for lease or to purchase for your own home use.

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