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Medical Ozone Therapy

Interested in leasing an ozone machine for home use or purchasing?

I import ozone generators from Promolife & Longevity Resources from the USA & Canada. Both are very high spec units and used by the ozone doctors in New Zealand.

New Zealand currently only has approximately 6 ozone doctors offering intravenous Ozone treatments, however home treatments can also have very beneficial effects.

When researching what sort of ozone generator to purchase please be aware that many on the market may have componentry that may produce toxic ozone. From all my research and support from an ozone Dr from the USA I will help you navigate what treatments to use and what concentrations are required for optimal healing.

I also have access to medical grade oxygen tanks.


How it works

Ozone therapy stimulates the body toward homeostasis by creating a mild, acute oxidative stress and activates the NRF2 pathway (the same pathway activated during exercise and fasting). Among many mechanisms of action, ozone therapy is able to increase the body’s natural antioxidant production, enhance oxygen metabolism, and modulate the immune system.

Ozone therapy has been extensively researched in Europe and Cuba for the last sixty years. Millions of treatments have been performed with a higher safety record than aspirin. While you cannot breath ozone due to the lack of antioxidant defences in the lungs, it can be safely administered in many other parts of the body.

What it’s used for

Ozone therapy works with the mechanisms of disease through its ability to stimulate the fundamental processes of the body.

● Chronic diseases​ – cancer, lyme, autoimmune, infectious diseases, etc.

● Wound care​ – Non-healing wounds, ulcers, sores, rashes, etc.

● Anti-aging/longevity – ​ Mediates oxidative stress, a leading cause of ageing.

Administration methods

● In a clinic – In addition to the treatments listed below, intravenous and intramuscular

● Patients can do daily at home – Popular treatments include rectal, ear, vaginal, ozone water, nasal breathing, cupping and limb bagging

Common Experiences

● Increased energy and stamina ​ – Due to improved oxygen efficiency and metabolism

● Sense of wellbeing – ​ Not entirely understood, but reported by top researchers

● Herxheimer reaction – ​ Not comfortable, may activate the immune system which kills pathogens and causes a die-off reaction from all the endotoxins released.

● Decreased pain and discomfort ​ – Reduces inflammation which may help to reduce pain. Also calms down autoimmune discomfort by quieting down the immune system (immune modulator)

● Improved clarity/decreased brain fog – ​ Due to improved oxygen efficiency and metabolism