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After receiving the devastating news from my surgeon that she was unable to cure me from Stage 3C ovarian cancer I was left with no option but to begin my own journey of healing. You see there is a difference between curing and healing. Curing is the elimination of the signs and symptoms of illness whereas healing is becoming whole, by getting to the root cause of what created the illness and identifying with our spiritual selves.


Of course, like anyone else that is diagnosed with cancer, I was afraid;  well actually that’s not altogether true, I was petrified. Fear was my constant companion as I shook like a leaf from sun up to sun down … until one morning I awoke to a knowing that I was healed. This was followed by a sense of peace that permeated every cell in my body; I could finally breathe easily as the knot that gripped my stomach like a vice released it’s fierce hold. I later went on to learn exactly what took place when that knowing of being healed over took me. When I was in fear from the diagnosis and facing a life and death situation, my reptilian brain (where our automatic self-preserving behaviour patterns which ensure our survival originate) took over from my thinking mind. That voice in my head was my intuition guiding me. The knowledge of having been healed was believed in my subconscious and now my conscious mind but there was much I needed to do in order for my physical body to catch up with that belief.

From this state of peace it was easier for me to follow my intuition and give myself the best possible chance.


Following my diagnosis people rang and visited;  some of these connections were helpful and some were destructive.  I noticed how my body reacted when people conveyed their fears of my predicament to me, either verbally or non-verbally and I also noticed how supported and safe I felt when I was surrounded by people who believed I could heal.  Consequently I chose to be around people that believed in my ability to heal.


And so my journey began. I needed help and totally trusted that help would come to me as and when it needed to. The first “sign” came when my surgeon added, after she said she couldn’t cure me “… and you can’t cure you, but between the two of us I believe you are an A1 student”. We had previously talked about the power of the mind and she knew I was following a spiritual path to healing. I thought this was a very profound statement coming from someone in mainstream medicine.

Following my diagnosis I had four weeks before my operation and I got to work straight away.  I looked at how this disease was presenting itself to me. It was gradually growing until eventually it reached the size of a rock melon. It was screaming out to be noticed, and, as I hadn’t been listening to my soul, my body did what it had to do in order to get my attention.

I decided the best way to uncover what my body was trying to tell me was to ask it. Quietening myself down I offered up a prayer that I was ready to embark on this journey of healing and to ask for everything that I needed to know to be revealed in order for complete healing to take place. As I listened carefully my body began to whisper to me what it had longed to share with me years ago.

“Jenny” it said “you look good, you feel great but something isn’t right inside. You need to drop down your guard, as the veneer is cracking and you cannot keep it together any longer”.

As my body spoke to me I thanked it for pointing out that I was ignoring it and my soul’s true needs then quietly made an agreement to be true to myself and dig deep to uncover what was festering under the surface.



It was now time to get to the root cause of what created this cancer and with the support of a dear friend I was able to uncover this. Through a very simple guided meditation process which enables one to access stored memories and emotion my friend supported me to go on a healing journey of discovery to where, in particular, I had stored memories and emotion and I “saw” exactly how this cancer had been created. I had experienced physical, emotional and sexual abuse during my life and had always maintained a deep seated belief that it was all my fault. When these abuses took place I blamed myself and felt guilty. Consequently I had lived my life putting others’ needs before my own. I was the “good” girl, always “trying” to do my best in every situation, without knowing what I wanted. I was forever looking for approval from others, always trying to make things right for everyone else. I totally understood why I developed ovarian cancer – our ovaries are where we create life and, because of the abuses I had endured, I had shut down the ability to create a life for myself and my needs and in so doing had shut down and suppressed anger. Discovering this knowledge enabled me to connect with my anger and from that day forward I vowed to myself that I would be true to me and my spirit and never “sell myself short”, so to speak; following my intuition and what was right for me in every situation.


We each have a journey of healing which we can follow to give us the best possible chance if we are quiet, free of fear and listen to our own inner knowing. We are now working in the fifth dimension, which means our thoughts are manifesting into reality at a more rapid pace and so healing can be much quicker – there is even the possibility for instantaneous healings, we just have to believe there is the possibility to heal and follow our own inner guidance.


Now that I totally trusted my intuition to guide me I decided to unleash a plan; give myself a job so to speak.  The Plan I wrote for myself gave me a sense of accomplishment, a focus and control over my own healing.  I let the medical people do their job and I would do mine.

My plan involved the following:-

Major surgery and one-third of the recommended chemotherapy

Eating Healthily

Qi Gong – sometimes lying down when I was very ill

Walking in nature

Swimming in the ocean

Dancing to music I loved which at times was merely my head moving as I “lost myself” in the music

Making a conscious effort to be around positive people

Doing things that I enjoyed without allowing myself to get tired.

Regular massage

Being true to myself and recognising beliefs I held which did not serve me

Supplements to support my body

As you have now read in my story above I uncovered 6 steps to healing. These 6 steps I have called HEAL-U.

H Hope and Believe
E Encouragement and Support
A Aware of Your Inner Knowing
L Led to the Root Cause
 Let Go and Surrender into the Gap
U Unleash Your Plan

Jenny believe’s these 6 steps are the answer to all healing; not just physical but emotional, mental and spiritual as well. Jenny now teaches HEAL-U to people worldwide. Please contact her if she can support you in your Healing Journey.

Meet Justine

I’m Justine Laidlaw – Colon Cancer Survivor, Integrative Cancer Coach, Life Coach, Dr. Kelly Turners RADICAL REMISSION workshop facilitator and Thermography Breast Screening technician (Godfrey Integrative Medical Clinic) based in the beautiful Bay of Plenty town of Tauranga in New Zealand. Read More

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