First Steps towards healing after a cancer diagnosis!


This is a brief guide to help you get to a place of feeling like there are options to help you towards your healing journey with respect to an integrative support for healing from cancer. It’s a daunting task to research this yourself on the internet, so I have created a brief overview of how you can get started.

This information is not intended as a replacement for and conventional treatments of chemotherapy drugs, surgery or radiotherapy. It’s called adjunctive – to add to – conventional treatments if you choose to go down that path.

My job is to help you navigate your journey towards wellness.

THE MIND – it should be the mainstay of your cancer management!

A cancer diagnosis sure messes with the mind! Emotions can be in turmoil with disbelief, grief, anger, why me, guilt feelings and even blaming oneself for not acting sooner or others for not advising or acting promptly.

Hopefully once through this turmoil – one can begin to look at life again, and start to live the precious days we all have, and plan to live better than you did before. Live for yourself not just for other’s needs.

Meditation, yoga, prayer and faith, inner peace – whatever can lift you away from negativity.

It’s amazing how many people with cancer gain appreciations for life and the world which others may never have. No-one but you really knows what it’s like to have cancer. But those who can get their head-space right will do far better and even treatments will work better!

It might sound weird but a diagnosis allows you to move forward and get over old ‘stuff’, let go of old hurts, gives you permission to make some great changes, maybe say the things unsaid for years – make amends – fill up with love, which will allow less room for despair. This will actually boost your immune system so your natural killers cells can get activated. Some sadly remain stuck somewhere in the above grief and anger and that is not where you want to be!

Trust me there is so plenty that you can do to empower your self and move from a place of FEAR to absolutely knowing that healing is possible!  There are books to read, retreats to go to, workshops to attend and learn to power up your immune system.

  • Key Message – start to live as you have never before

What to eat? – It Matters What You Eat!

I hear from many clients time and time again that many Oncologist’s/Surgeon’s say to them “eat whatever you like” –  I know that oncologists sincerely want the best for their patients However, when they are asked about diet it is probably better that they say, “I don’t know” rather than “Don’t waste your time with diets because it won’t make a difference.” Unfortunately, oncologists do not get any training in nutrition and its role in cancer therapy.

Anyone who eats a low quality diet will have lower energy and consequently a lower quality of life (recall the movie “Supersize Me”). This is common sense and this concept obviously applies to those who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

It is not uncommon in my coaching practice for patients to be going through chemotherapy and radiation with minimal side effects because they are nutritionally supported during this process. If you eat a high quality diet then your cells will be better nourished to deal with the stresses of cancer and the aggressive treatments associated with cancer.

I’ve seen many dietary theories come and go – so here is my very brief overview:

Most holistic cancer centres have and still promote whole foods, raw non-sweet juicing and mostly plant based food. Why? It appears that plant based foods will alkalinise the body more as well as supply micronutrients. Processed foods, refined white flours, refined sugar and red meats aren’t consumed much or at all.

It is however easy to be a bad vegetarian and become depleted of protein, the source of many essential amino acid building blocks. It is quite possible to be a very healthy vegan – as long as you know what you are doing and have an expert guide you.

Fresh plant foods have raw enzymes and many micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, fatty acids etc.). But they do have agri-chemical contaminations – unless you go organic, which can be more difficult, then wash produce well or grow your own is better.

For those who can’t tolerate vegan then perhaps would suit with added fish, some organic chicken and eggs. There is evidence that as close to properly done vegan diet “may” be good for cancer prevention in the first place. My belief is that we are all different and getting specific to whats right for your body is where we pay attention. Our genetics and blood type may best determine one’s own diet. What we don’t want to see is you becoming confused and fearful about food and what you can’t eat, we need to find joy in eating our food and have a treat food every now and then.

For now just get started by adding more leafy greens to your diet. One of the best ways to do this is to have a green smoothie everyday.  See recipe on last page

  • Key Message – Remove all processed packed foods, takeaways, sugar from your diet and increase vegetables & fruits, preferably from spray free organic sources.

Integrative Treatment Options

There are many Integrative treatment options to consider, here we focus on four of the many options. Firstly lets understand a little more about cancer cells.

  • Cancer cells also do not like or need much oxygen as do healthy cells.
  • Cancer cells have a lower cell voltage (20mv) compared with healthy cells (70 mv).
  • Cancer cells survive very well as they have become immortal cells and may or may not multiply fast.

So we can slow them down by shutting of their crucial sugar supply with our food choices and loading them up with oxygen.

Ozone Therapy – Ozone Therapy is becoming one of the most useful tools in medical clinics across America and around the World. Ozone therapy refers to the process of administering ozone gas into your body to treat a disease or wound. Ozone is a colourless gas made up of three atoms of oxygen (O3). It can be used to treat medical conditions by stimulating the immune system. It can also be used to disinfect and treat disease. You can use Ozone in your home with your own generator, or go and see either Dr Wayne McCarthy in Auckland, Dr Suzanne Humphries in Tauranga or Dr Bill Redder in Hamilton for Intravenous Ozone which will get your blood saturated in oxygen quickly.  I lease Ozone machines to cancer patients and also import brand new home units from Canada available to purchase.

Hyperbaric chamber – Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment which enhances the body’s natural healing process by inhalation of 100% oxygen in a total body chamber, where atmospheric pressure is increased and controlled. It is used for a wide variety of treatments usually as a part of an overall medical care plan.

PEMF – pulsed magnetic therapy, (PEMF) Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT), also known as low field magnetic stimulation (LFMS), and tumor treating fields (TTF) uses electromagnetic fields in an attempt to heal. Research has shown that daily use of PEMF therapies alter stress responses by acting directly on the nervous system, glands, cells, tissues and organs.

IVCVitamin C, when administered in high doses by intravenous (I.V.) infusions, can kill cancer cells. Vitamin C interacts with iron and other metals to create hydrogen peroxide. In high concentrations, hydrogen peroxide damages the DNA and mitochondria of cancer cells and shuts down their energy supply and kills them outright.

OTHER RESOURCES – On Cancer Remissions

A wonderful book is ‘Radical Remission’ by Kelly Turner Ph.D. Kelly interviews a thousand spontaneous remission survivors of otherwise severe, poor outcome cancer. She finds there were 9 characteristics that seemed to have been common for these wonderful cures. A great read. I flew to N.Y a few years ago to learn how to teach people how to implement the 9 key principles with Dr Kelly Turner, and will be running workshops to teach these principles.


Get Alkalised and balance your pH levels…here’s a recipe you can make everyday!

Green Smoothie Recipe:

Firstly …CHOOSE YOUR BASE  about 1 cup

  • Un-Sweetened Nut Milk (make your own by soaking almonds/walnuts/macadamia’s/brazil nuts in water overnight – blend a small hand-full in large glass of water)
  • Filtered Water
  • Coconut Milk
  • Rice Milk
  • Oat Milk

Next CHOOSE YOUR GREENS – a handful of

  • Spinach
  • Leafy lettuce Greens
  • Beet Greens
  • Dandelion
  • Garden Mint
  • Cucumber
  • Avocado


  • ½ cup blueberries
  • ½ cup raspberries
  • ½ cup strawberries
  • ½ cup cherries
  • ½ cup kiwifruit
  • ½ cup apple
  • ½ cup papaya
  • 1 lemon peeled

Now the FUN PART..add any of these

1 tbsp Pea Protein Powder

1 tbsp Coconut Oil

Cinnamon, Vanilla, Ginger,

Spirulina, Wheatgrass or Vital Greens

Sweeten with Stevia or a little raw honey or a fresh date


Navigating the cancer healing journey can be challenging however I aim to help you to build a foundation of knowledge, creating new habits and implementing healthy strategies, one at a time.  This is a step-by-step process where you make consistent changes gradually without throwing yourself into overwhelm.

I know many people feel overwhelmed and confused about all of the conflicting nutrition information these days.  We are going back to basics with the understanding that small changes over time can create AMAZING results; results that are sustainable and long-lasting.

There’s so much I want to teach you about how food, life and healing and what really makes us holistically healthy! I am confident we can navigate the healing journey together to find out what you need to do towards you wellness goal.

You’ll learn not only the causes behind cancer, you’ll also discover the most powerful evidence-based anti-cancer foods and supplements, the best detoxification methods, how to eliminate toxic stress from your life, how to track your progress, and more.

My Health Journey

Just over 8 years ago, I remember I was at a roadside food market in Vietnam with my husband. I was bent over in pain, clutching at my belly while I tried desperately to not look like I was about to explode in agony.

Major low point for me!

On my return home from our travels in May 2013, at 45 years old I was diagnosed with a Stage 3 aggressive colon cancer. There was a rather large tumour in my colon and the cancer had spread to my right ovary, stomach muscle and my lymphatic system.

My health history wasn’t to flash prior to this diagnosis, I was faced with the reality that I couldn’t have children from the internal chaos created from a hospital bug following emergency surgery while I was travelling in Australia. I had already suffered with endometriosis pain for 10 years, lived with daily headaches, and felt like I was in a constant brain fog, constipated and depressed.

Enter…reality check!!

I embarked on an enlightening journey to find out the best possible course of treatment to stay alive and healthy from this cancer.  After many hours of research, finding the right people who could help me, I endured a 9 hour surgery and made the decision NOT to opt for the traditional treatment options of chemotherapy or radiation.

I understood that a bigger part of my healing would involve continual exploration into what my body, mind and soul need from me on a moment-to-moment basis. This was going to be about learning who I was, and what I could do to take charge of my own wellbeing.

I began to find the meaning about this ‘thing called dis-ease’ and what our doctors really don’t know about the healing powers of good nutrition, a healthy immune system, a healthy mind, a positive attitude, the right relationships along with supportive therapies that holistically support our healing.

I am pleased to say whenever someone asks me about my health and how I’m feeling I say, “I’m awesome, I feel amazing!” because the majority of time I am and I do.  I  have finally freed up my valuable brain space to follow my purpose to think about other things I am passionate about – like supporting you to find your own unique ability towards optimal health.

I’m not special, I don’t have magical powers or more willpower than you. I just discovered a holistic way to heal my body in a way that works for me.

If I can do this, you can do this and I’m here to support you every step of the way.

I look forward to working with you and Supporting YOU – cos you really deserve it!

With love and healing

Justine xx

Meet Justine

I’m Justine Laidlaw – Colon Cancer Survivor, Integrative Cancer Coach, Life Coach, Dr. Kelly Turners RADICAL REMISSION workshop facilitator and Thermography Breast Screening technician (Godfrey Integrative Medical Clinic) based in the beautiful Bay of Plenty town of Tauranga in New Zealand. Read More

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