The importance of Vitamin D and other nutrients for Covid-19


IMPORTANT information you MUST read especially if you are over 70!!!

It will be critical to boost your immune system especially now as we have another COVID-19 lockdown situation arising! CRAZY in my book….but hear me out! This is a long post with the recommendations towards the end of what you can do.

Who would’ve thought we would be back here again? Level 3 lockdown in Auckland and Level 2 everywhere else!!!

It’s certainly raising a few eyebrows within the holistic community here in Tauranga. As some of you know I work at the Godfrey Medical Clinic, and this week Dr Mike Godfrey who incidentally is still practising and administering IV Vitamin C to his patients in his 83rd year! Pretty dam amazing really. Dr Godfrey is part of a group called the PSGR (Physicians and scientists for global responsibility).

This week Mike shared with me a report they are submitting to the Govt with their concerns of locking us down and wearing masks.

I will do my best to summarise this for you, but in essence what you need to know to help reduce the risk of getting coronavirus is the following:

The spread internationally affects the over-crowed massed and impoverished and malnourished populations. Fortunately, New Zealand populations will have some time to prepare for the predictably increased risk time before the next spring arrives.

An increasing body of scientific literature points to the likelihood that pandemic events will continue and intensify. Viruses are ubiquitous and continuing to mutate as their environment changes. They only invade and multiply if the host whether it be plant or animal, is weakened and thus conducive to invasion. In contrast, diet and especially appropriate supplementation significantly increases the host’s resistance. This has well been demonstrated with organically grown plants and trees. The only 99% effective vaccine for this or any other coronavirus is an individuals robust, healthy innate immune system, and this is readily obtainable if the correct information is given to health providers and the public.

The elderly, infirm, malnourished, and/or unhealthy especially in long-term rest homes, and the impoverished especially with overcrowding, are those at most risk of severe effects. Obesity, diabetes, chronically ill with cardio and respiratory disease usually identified as co-morbidities, have so far been the most seriously affected.

The most outstanding factor for the severity of infection seems by far, vitamin D deficiency.


The standard American diet (SAD) based on a high sugar and convenient fast food technology supplemented with packaged supermarket foods, fails to provide even the essentials to sustain good health.

This countries food consumption appears little different with an average of 50kg of sugar consumed p.a. per person. Farmers well know that their stock need good nutrition to be healthy and fetch high sale price hence salt licks, added selenium, iodine and zinc etc

An ultimate irony is that the human carcass only has a commercial value when unhealthy. A healthy diet needs to not only have a reasonable balance between fats, protein and carbohydrates, but also needs the essential trace minerals, vitamins and amino acids lacking in most over-used soils compounded by accumulations of toxic metals and chemicals like round-up (glyphosate).

Whilst some are fortunate enough to have access to organically grown fruit and vegetables with high nutrients levels, most need to depend on the supermarket food. This in the current over-stressful situation, supplementation becomes essential. Apart from the traditional cod liver oil, other oily fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines ) have appreciable amounts of vitamin D as do eggs, liver, beef, cheese and mushrooms to a lesser extent.

So why Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a pre-hormone made in the skin during sunny months when UVB radiation triggers the conversion of 7-dehydrocholesterol in the skin into the vitamin.

The elderly only metabolise about 25% of the vitamin D as 20-year olds do after exposure to a given amount of sunlight. Levels are directly linked to seasonal influenza.

Vitamin D deficiency is thus widespread during the winter months and in those unexposed to sunlight. Hence the higher levels of seriously affected by this purported virus in the northern hemisphere and especially in nursing rest-homes.

Furthermore, a multi-national study into mortality involving the elderly has been directly associated with vitamin D deficiency showing a mean serum vitamin D level of 26 nmol/L in Spain, 28 nmol/L in Italy and 45 nmol/L in the nordic countries. In Switzerland, the mean vitamin D level was 23 nmol/L in nursing homes and in Italy 76% of women over 70 years of age were found to have circulating levels below 30 nmol/L.

Notably even the 20 nmol/L level would be regarded as sub-optimal with some authorities regarding 60 nmol/L being a healthier level.

However in New Zealand especially for cancer patients, the Vitamin D level should ideally be over 120 nmol/L. Those wanting to know their vitamin D levels have to pay $50 for pathology lab tests on top of any GP costs to obtain the results. Currently our levels are considered normal if we are between 50-150 nmol/L. In this instance the higher the better towards the 150 nmol/L is ideal.

Not only is vitamin D essential for our immune system but also vitamin C, zinc, selenium, magnesium and iodine.

Relative protection for the major at-risk groups could potentially be achieved with daily Vitamin C 2000 mg, Vitamin D 5,000 IU daily in the winter months, a drop of Lugol’s iodine, Zinc 25mg and Selenium 200mcg. Incorporated as a good “multi-mineral” supplement this might cost less than $2/day if on a large scale for all of those in rest-homes.

What about Face Masks?

Research has shown that coronaviruses can potentially last for up to a day on cardboard and longer on metal or plastic whilst ultraviolet from sunlight can rapidly destroy it. However the CDC has now issued a reassurance that the risk of being infected from merely touching potentially contaminated surfaces is small. Importantly, as the dose is everything, it would need much more than a single virus to overwhelm a person’s immune system with inhalation appearing to be the main contamination mode.

The use of face masks is still being debated, but according to the BMJ wearing masks is useless for anyone other than those caring for the sick. For the ambulant healthy, a mask as generally used may have minimal if any benefit in stopping any aerosolised virus from being inhaled.

So please share this information to anyone who has a compromised immune system, elderly or malnourished people and go crank up your immune system by eating loads of vegetables, fresh fruit, good quality protein and good healthy fats, loads of sunshine, clean water, regular exercise and supplements along with the immune boosting nutrients.

And please don’t buy into the FEAR!!!! In my opinion this is such a farce! I personally would 100% reject any vaccination for coronavirus. What about you?


Meet Justine

I’m Justine Laidlaw – Colon Cancer Survivor, Integrative Cancer Coach, Life Coach, Dr. Kelly Turners RADICAL REMISSION workshop facilitator and Thermography Breast Screening technician (Godfrey Integrative Medical Clinic) based in the beautiful Bay of Plenty town of Tauranga in New Zealand. Read More

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